Dr. Bahati Ilembo


Dr. ILEMBO is a Lecturer with specialization in Statistics and Agricultural Economics. He is trained in statistics at both Bachelor and Master’s degree levels and he did a Ph.D. in the Agricultural Economics specialized in contract farming and agricultural value chain. Dr. ILEMBO has published mostly in agricultural economics.

Sex: Male
Nationality: Tanzanian
Physical Address: Haile Selasie Building,Office No.213
Contact: Mobile:+255717037394
Postal Address: Po Box 1,Mzumbe University.
PhD PhD(Agricultural Economics)
MA. MA(Statistics)


  • Binary choice models
  • Contract farming
  • Value chain analysis
  • Quantitative techniques (Tandem process)
  • Enhancing Productivity, Market Access and Incomes for Small farming businesses in Tanzania: Potentials and Limitations of Contract Farming (POLICOFA).

Role: Researcher

Articles in Refereed Journals

  • Bahati Ilembo and Joseph Kuzilwa (2015). Unfolding the quasi- hierarchy governance structure in the tobacco value chain in Tanzania. Planning and Development Initiative Journal 1(1), p. 4-20
  • Joseph Kuzilwa and Bahati Ilembo (2015). Stakeholder’s perception in the upstream tobacco value chain in Tanzania: Converging or diverging? The Sociologist Journal, forthcoming (submitted)
  • Bahati Ilembo, Joseph Kuzilwa, Niels Fold and Marianne Nylandsted (2014): Functioning of the governance structure in the Tanzania Tobacco Value Chain: Evidence from small holder tobacco farmers in Urambo district. Tanzania Journal of Development Studies 14(1& 2), p.37-53.
  • Bahati Ilembo and Joseph Kuzilwa (2014). Technical efficiency analysis of tobacco production in Tanzania. Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary  Research in Business 6 (3), p. 246-265
  • WantrudisMkomange, Bahati Ilembo and MusibauAjagbe (2012). The role and importance of technology mathematics teaching and learning. A review of literature. Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research and Business 3(11), p. 476.

Book Chapters

  • Bahati Ilembo, Joseph Kuzilwa and Marianne Nylandsted Larsen (2017). Evolving Governance Structures and Contract Farming in the Tobacco Value Chain in Tanzania.
  • Bahati Ilembo, Joseph Kuzilwa and Arne Henningsen (2017). Tobacco Contract Farming in the Urambo District of Tanzania: Which Farmers Obtain Inputs on Credit and Which Buy Them for Cash?
  • Joseph Kuzilwa, Bahati Ilembo, Daniel Mpeta and Andrew Coulson (2019). Contract Farming: Experiences from Tobacco and Sunflower in Tanzania.


  • Statistics “with worked examples”. Department of Mathematics and Statistics Studies, Mzumbe University.
  • Theory of Statistics: Lecture notes. Department of Mathematics and Statistics Studies, Mzumbe University.
  • Quantitative Techniques: A teaching Manual. Mzumbe University: Research and Publications, 2010.



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