Justine .N. Mbukwa


Sex: Male
Nationality: Tanzanian
Physical Address:


Contact: Mobile:
Postal Address: Po Box ...., Morogoro Tanzania.
BSc. (Applied Statistics)

Mzumbe University -Tanzania

M.A (Statistics) University of Dar es Salaam -Tanzania
PhD Candidate (Statistics)

Acharya Nagarjuna University-India

Area of Expertise

Applied Multivariate Statistical Modeling, Pattern Recognition and Predictive modeling

Area of Research

    • Research interest lies Classification problem and Predictive modeling in crop sciences, business, health sciences, behavioral sciences etc.
    • Application of Multivariate Statistical Methodology for high-dimensional and complex data, dimensionality reduction of the covariates, latent factor models, and nonparametric approaches to all fields of natural science, engineering, business studies as well as social sciences.
    • An application of Machine learning algorithms (data mining) to model both labeled and unlabeled data to enhance the rational decision making in all fields of studies.
  • Mbukwa, J. N., Tabita, G. N., Anjaneyulu, G. V. S. R., and Rajasekharam, O. V.(2016). Statistical Analytic Tool for Dimensionalities in Big Data: The role of Hierarchical Cluster Analysis. International Journal of Statistics and Systems, 11(1), pp.19-26.

  • Mbukwa, J.N.,and Anjaneyulu, G.V.S.R. (2016). Application of k-Means and Partitioning Around Mediods (PAM) Clustering Techniques on Maize and Beans Yield in Tanzania, Bulletin of Math.& Stat.Res, Vol(4), Issue (4), pp.146-158.

  • Mbukwa, J.N.,and Anjaneyulu, G.V.S.R. (2016). On the use of Sparse Principal Component Analysis and Robust: Selection Features of Maize Yield in Rural Tanzania. Journal of Engineering Mathematics and Statistics, Volume (1), Issue (1), pp.1-26.


The Dean,
Faculty of Science and Technology,
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Mzumbe, Morogoro.
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Website: fst.mzumbe.ac.tz