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Nationality: Tanzanian
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Postal Address: Po Box ...., Morogoro Tanzania.
BED (Mathematics) Tumaini University
MED (Mathematics)

Universiti Tecknologi Malaysia (UTM)

Mathematics making sense, mathematics through mathematical problem solving: the power of mathematical & logical reasoning

  • Prospective Secondary Teachers’ Beliefs about Mathematical Problem Solving.
  • The Roles and Importance of Technology in Mathematics Teaching and Learning-A Literature Review.
  • The Use of Global System of Mobile Communication (GSM) Among University Students in Malaysia.
  • The Implications of Social Networking Sites in Education in Nigeria.
  • A Model of the Effects of Change in Teachers’ Beliefs in Mathematical Problem Solving in Malaysia.


The Dean,
Faculty of Science and Technology,
P.O.Box 87,
Mzumbe, Morogoro.
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Website: fst.mzumbe.ac.tz