Department of Engineering Management Studies (EMS)

About This Department

The Department of Engineering Management Studies (EMS) is one of the three Departments under the Faculty of Science and Technology, Mzumbe University Main Campus, Morogoro. It was started in 2002 as Department of Production and Operations Management and later transformed into the EMS Department in 2012 so as to reflect the core activities of the Department.

The EMS Department has a good number of qualified staff in engineering and production management related issues such as Total Quality Management, Cleaner Production, Ergonomics, Project Management, Environmental Toxicology, Business Process Re-Engineering, Renewable Energy Technologies and Technology Management.

The Department plays a major role in providing core engineering management courses in Production and Operations Management, Lean Manufacturing, Industrial Safety and Maintenance Management, Management of Innovation and Technology, Production Planning and Control, Work Study and Ergonomics and Project Management for the BSc. Production and Operations Management programme.

The Department aims at making an important contribution to the scientific understanding of industrial operations so as to enhance production efficiency and achieve higher productivity through optimal use of resources e.g., energy, water and possible use of cleaner technologies such as recycling, reuse, renewable energy, information technology and green transportation. Our courses offered challenge students' ability to integrate theory and practice for the analysis, understanding, and management of industrial operations and solve real engineering problems.

In addition, to their academic work, all students are encouraged to develop professionally relevant scientific, social and communication skills, and orient themselves in the global networks of scientists and innovation pioneers. The Department is a center of excellence for the engineering and production management related researches as well.

The Department has educated several hundred young people from Tanzania and abroad who are now working in the manufacturing and service organizations such as academia, international organizations, governments, NGOs and businesses organizations.


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