Payment of Fees
Students will only be registered upon payment of the prescribed fees in full, whose amount shall be determined by the university from time to time.

Guarantee of Sponsorship
Applications can only be considered for registration once the University receives satisfactory evidence that the candidate will be adequately financed during his or her course at the University.  Applicants who are in need of assistance to meet the University fees and expenses should seek bursaries from funding organizations.  Currently, the University does not offer any scholarship or financial assistance to any candidate seeking admission. 

Mzumbe University Academic Year
The academic year normally starts in October every year, and ends in July, except for first year programmes earmarked for staggered semester. 

Registration Deadline
Deadline for registration for new students will be two weeks after the first day of orientation week. All new students are required to submit original certificates, including birth certificates, for the purpose of registration. No student will be registered after the deadline and /or without presentation of original certificates. 
Deadline for registration for continuing students will be at the end of the first week of each semester. Students who fail to register within this period will not be admitted into the semester and may be required to postpone or be deregistered if they do not apply for postponement.

Change of Courses
No student will be allowed to change programme after admission. 

Consistency of Students’ Names
No change of names by students will be permitted during the course of study at the University and students will only be allowed to use names appearing on certificates which qualified them for admission. Exceptions to this provision are the following circumstances: 
(ii) Change of religion 
(iii) Divorce 

Delivery Modes and Categories of Postgraduate Programmes
i) Masters programmes may be offered under the following delivery modes including but not limited to distance learning, executive, or mainstream.  
ii) The modes can be offered in two categories: by either coursework and dissertation, or coursework only.  
iii) Postgraduate diploma will be offered by coursework only. 

Coursework and Examinations Evaluation
i) Candidates registered for coursework and dissertation programme shall do coursework examinations following assessment criteria and procedures approved by the Senate through the relevant Faculties/Institutes/Schools 
ii) The coursework portion shall consist of a minimum of forty (40) credit points of postgraduate courses as specified by each Faculty/Institute/School.   One (1) subject (other than subjects offered by the Faculty of Law) carries four (4) credit points. For the Faculty of Law one subject carries five (5) credit points.  The courses may be taken at MzumbeUniversity or at any other approved institution.  
iii) Pursuant to section 3.1.5 of the Regulations and Guidelines for Postgraduate Programmes, the additional courses pursued to meet the minimum requirements to the programme shall not be counted during determination of the overall grade for the Masters.  
iv) Matters relating to evaluation and examinations not addressed in the Regulations and Guidelines for Postgraduate Programmes, shall abide to the MzumbeUniversity examination and students’ assessment criteria by – laws.  

Rules and Regulations for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies
Approved MU’ rules and Regulations include the following:
(i) The Mzumbe University Examination and Students’ Assessment Criteria By- Laws, 2018
(ii) Undergraduate Field attachment Policy
(iii) Postgraduate Guidelines
(iv) Theses and dissertations writing 
NB: All students are required to read and understand all these important documents upon registration.


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